Top ten foods to try in Cambodia

Top ten foods to try in Cambodia

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Officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia is a country found in south East Asia on the Indochina Peninsula. The Country borders Thailand to the North West, Vietnam to the East, Laos to the North East and the gulf of Thailand to the south West.

The Delicious Fish Amok

The dish is the most popular in Cambodia and is almost present in every restaurant or street market that a person visits.This is because it is regarded as the country’s National dish.Its prepared by combining Galangal, Garlic Turmeric Chillis Shallots, and Lemon grass.This mixture forms the “kroeung” a popular curry paste that gives the dish its unique flavor.The Coconut milk then provides the base for the Amok.The dish is then served on banana leaves or in a simple bowl.Its one of the most Cambodian foods to try out.

The Red Tree Ants With Beef And Holy Basil

Food in Cambodia is never short of surprises and adventures.In south Asia, dishes prepared by insects as the main ingredient are common and popular among the natives.However, if you wish to try the best of this dishes try this delicacy.Its prepared by cooking ants of all sizes but more so the Red Tarantula ants that are ever known to be ever aggressive and dangerous when alive.However when fried and mixed with Garlic, shallots, Ginger and Lemon grass they make a beautiful and sumptuous dish that is served with rice on most occasions.If you are an adventurous person thirsty for adventure, the dish is worth trying out.

The Lap Khmer Delicacy

Similar to the Thai beef salad, the Khmer Beef salad that is lime marinated is known to be an amazing dish. It’s known to be a salty and sweet dish that is also famous for using the freshly cut red chili.Among other delicious Ingredients used in preparing the dish to include Shallots, Lemongrass, Garlic, Asian Basil, Mint and fish sauce.Green beans and pepper are also commonly used in its preparation.The dish is more delicious as suggested by most men when the chopped meat is not completely cooked.Its one of the best food in Cambodia.

Ang Dtray- Meuk: Grilled Squid Delicacy Dish

If you are a lover of seafood, this is the best dish for you.Its simply a fresh squid that has been grilled on the wire grills placed over hot coal or burning firewood.Its served on trays and is chopped up.To make it tastier, it’s served with greens, pepper, and sliced cucumbers.

The Khmer Red Curry Dish

This version of the Cambodian type of Khmer Red cherry is more famous and more popular than its sister version in Thailand as it uses fewer spices hence lacks the heat associated with the one from the Thai Cuisine.The curry is considered delicious and tasty as its made of proteins such as chicken, beef, and fish mixed with other greens such as green beans, egg plant, lemon grass and other ingredients.Its usually served with Pepper and is a common dish among natives during weddings and family gatherings.

The Beef Lok Lak Delicacy Dish

Having its origin from Vietnam where it is referred as the “shaking Beef” or Bo Luc Lac, the dish became a delicacy among the Cambodian and is almost found in all marketplaces and restaurants in the country.Its prepared by frying well-chopped meat pieces in oil and serving them neatly in a bowl that also has greens on it.It’s one of the most favorite cuisines among the Cambodian people.

The Peppered Crabs Delicacy

Owing to its proximity to the Ocean, Cambodia is popular with sea food.The food is made more sumptuous by pepper that is easily available in Kampot area.In this dish, the freshly caught crabs are cooked in pepper sauce.To make it more appetizing and mouth watering the crabs are served in a mixture of immature green pepper corns and Garlic chives.This is a mouth-watering meal that one has to have while on a tour in Cambodia.

The Samlor Machu Trey Delicacy

If you are a vegetarian, one of the unique ways to try Cambodian food is by trying this delicacy that is predominantly prepared by use of herbs and other green vegetables.The delicacy is prepared by cooking and mixing several ingredients such as Fish, Garlic, Celery, Lemongrass, bean sprouts and Tamarind.A pineapple is also added in most cases.The sop has, therefore, a spicy, sweet and bitter taste. It’s a spicy delicacy to try out while in the country.

Nom Bah Chok: Khmer Noodles

An Asian trip is never complete without trying dishes prepared with pastures such as noodles.The dish is prepared by simply cooking noodled extracted from rice and is eventually topped up with a fish green based curry made of lemon grass, Kaffir lime, and Turmeric root.The dish is a delicacy and is usually served for breakfast

Cha Houy Trek – Jelly dessert

The delicacy is among the most common desserts served in South East Asia. It’s popular as its easy to prepare. It’s prepared by drenching rice commonly referred to as Sago in Coconut milk and topping it up with Red beans, Taro Pumpkin, and jack fruit.The jelly is thus a health and sweet delicacy that is more popular with children due to lots bright colors.
Cambodia is thus a paradise to visit and should be on your list of destinations to visit.Not only because of the tourist sites that are there to see but more so because of the love for food.Visit Cambodia and have a taste of the world ‘s best cuisine.