Online visa application to Sri Lanka

Online visa application to Sri Lanka

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In the earlier days, applying for visa was always a long drawn process. One had to queue up in front of them for hours. There were even many occasions when the try for a visa was denied and one had to go through the process once again! It led to a substantial loss of time and money for the applicant.

Even one had to take help of agents who were there to help in the process. The main aim of the agents was to ensure that the first time visa application is not denied. But even if the agent was good, many a times the visa got stuck up due to one reason or the other.

Role of ETA

Thankfully, since the inception of ETA application Sri Lanka, things have taken a much healthier turn for the better. Now, one does not have to queue up in front of the Sri Lankan embassy that would be a big problem, especially in large countries like the USA, India, China, etc. where there used to be only a single embassy in the country. In fact, in order to enhance the facilities, there were consulates that were opened up at various corners of these large sized countries. But these led to an increased expenditure for these countries without much of a substantial gain.

Hire private agencies

While applying for ETA Sri Lanka application form, one can also which assist in ensuring the process done in a smoother way. The relevant documents that are required for application of visa to Sri Lanka are available on the official website. Yet, the private parties can help in not only making the applicant aware of these but also getting the documents prepared. Among the docs required are the to and fro travel tickets so that one can know the date of arriving and leaving Sri Lanka. Also, a passport valid up to more than six months since date of arrival is a must. The reason for visit is important, and the communication details while in Sri Lanka has to be furnished as well.

ETA application Sri Lanka through the private agencies make sure the application is not denied on the first occasion, or at least the chances of a denial are least. The charges taken by these agencies are also as per the official guidelines, which is GBP 32.99. In fact, many of these agencies extend their services to the second application also included in the same fee, as long as the job is done. Thus, there can be a minimal chance delay but no chance of extra money to be spent at all!

The Sri Lanka ETA application form is easy to download, fill and upload. One can do that online as well. It is however always recommended to apply after having all the relevant documents in place.