The eleven best things you can do on a trip to Myanmar

The eleven best things you can do on a trip to Myanmar

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1. Date more than a week

Myanmar deserves more than a week, and as the transport links are a bit long, seven days will not be too much rewarding. For more information about travel to Myanmar find here: Either way, plan your time and your path environment to its four main points, flying up to a big city and out from another.

2. Live the Story, dinner and shop

Yangon is compact but is full of life. In its interior, Chinese communities, Nepalese and Indian coexist with the Burmese giving shape to an eclectic mix of cultures, meals and shopping offer. To get away from it all rises to the Yangon Circle (1 dollar) in the main station of the city. This trip of three hours, 45 kilometers and 39 stops will allow you to discover small villages and rice fields, and the daily life of the people who live outside of the commercial center of Burma.

3. Lose yourself among the pagodas of Bagan

Trapped in time, the mysterious Bagan has more than 2,000 pagodas, some built in the 9th century. C. If the visits, everywhere you look you will feel as if you had traveled to the past. The carts are the main form of transport (cost about 20 dollars a day), but to make the bike (about 3 euros per day) is perfect for a day of exploration.

4. Discover the peace of the Inle Lake

Larger and more spectacular than the famous Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, the Inle Lake is a brilliant blue bowl of quaint villages, small dams and canals. Preserves its traditions (including that of the fishermen that reman using a leg), its tranquil atmosphere and its offices, fruit markets, textile industry and some vineyards nearby.

5. Eat, laugh and explore the picturesque Mandalay

Mandalay is enormous, overwhelming, and a hive of activity. Observe the city from the top of the Hill of Mandalay (Mandalay Hill) after a day walking among palaces, pagodas and the world’s largest book; test the incredible variety of street food in the street stalls that are dotted all over the city; and laugh with the political talk of the Moustache Brothers (the ‘Brothers Mustache’), which emit their comedy program from your home.

6. Make a trekking for several days and crosses by train the highest bridge in the country

If the amazing three-day hike through the countryside of Lashio to Hsipaw is not enough for you to accelerate the pulse, combine it with a trip by train on the Goteik Viaduct, the highest railway bridge in Myanmar. Enjoy the frenetic journey through the first colonial refuge of Pyin Oo Lwin and, when they finally reach the bridge, see below.

7. Go to the south, toward Paradise Island

As there are still some difficulties to reach a good part of the northern Myanmar, the South is a more accessible location to explore, especially since a year ago will allow the tourism. Although Mawlamyine and Dawei are far away from the road, will lead you to incredible places. Myeik is the door to the amazing Myeik Archipelago whose visit you can plan in advance. Book a sea excursion or a tour of several days in this new diving point.

8. Live the colonial charm of Py Oo Lwin

From the governor’s house to the Botanical Gardens, discover a little piece of England in this old colonial station on a hill, 67 kilometers west of Mandalay. This town is also home to a large Indian community that settled here during the time of colonialism, making it an excellent place for tasting some of the Curries more tasty and delicious indian sweets.

9. Enjoy the sunrise over the U Bein Bridge

Buddhist monks across this curious bridge of teak wood, silueteados against the dawn or dusk): this is one of the most iconic images of Myanmar and one of the hundreds that most tourists like you recreate when beyond the U Bein Bridge. Whether you come to first thing in the morning when the sun starts to hide, to cross the wooden structure in the world. Or simply sit back and enjoy the scenery.

10. Get lost in the sunset from the Schwedagon Pagoda

Located almost 100 meters above golden Yangon, the Schwedagon Pagoda dominates the skyline of the city. It is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda, so take off your shoes before entering and remember to dress in an appropriate manner (and which respects local traditions). Avoid visit at noon, when more heat does, as there are few places with shade and the marble floors are heated, turning your walk into something similar to a sauna.

11. Cash to pay the hotel; kyat for everything else

You need new dollars to Myanmar after change by kyat (pronounced ‘chat’) at the airport, the guest house or the local bank. The dollar is used to pay for accommodation and the kyat everything else including food, transport and the gifts. Already there are atms in major cities such as Mandalay and Yangon. However, for the rest of the way, make sure you have sufficient funds on hand.

There are many times that one arises as to where to ride. Myanmar is an unknown country that does not yet appear in the main list of travel for the vast majority of people. When you think about a destination to visit in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (Burma) goes unnoticed. The reason? Perhaps because of its political history, its long dictatorship which kept the country closed to the outside. Or by being close to other countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, which have become major tourist powers in Southeast Asia. Anyway, it is one thing or another, in this article we have exposed the main reasons to travel to Myanmar and because it must happen to be one of your first countries on that list.